Katia and Mishka, the Dancing Poodle

Katia Mossina is a Russian born stylist,  designer, fashion illustrator and performer who lives and works between Berlin and Puglia. Her latest drawings “Simple pleasures” were exposed in Fasano. Here’s why her passion for Mishka won over her passion for shoes

How did you meet?
We had been planning to get a dog for a long time, but could not decide which one.  Anton, my partner, wanted a big one,
I wanted a fluffy one.  We argued for a long time until we saw the photo of the large royal poodle that belongs to our friend Victor, who lives in New York.  I called him and he said: “If you want a dog, get a poodle.  And if a poodle, then only royal!” 
Victor was enthusiastic about the breed and eventually convinced us to get one too. Thanks to connections he found the perfect Reeder in in Piedmont. Little white Mishka arrived at our in Puglia on March 19, 2021.  The breeder had come by train and dropped him off at the station where we were waiting, due to lockdown we couldn’t even go to pick him up…. I will never forget that moment: It was love at first sight!

Has your life changed ever since Mishka arrived?
Definitely! We have a little Prince at home now…  Every morning starts with a fluffy kiss. He is always in a phantastic mood, doesn’t listen to the news and doesn’t talk about politics and Covid. It is very uplifting to have such a positive being by our side. Especially these days. So yes, Mishka enriched our lives a great deal.  

Whats your favourite thing to do with him?
We love walking together, all three of us, by the Puglian sea or along the acqueduct which passes by our home.  Especially in the early morning, when everything’s peaceful and quiet. But most of all we love to dance together! He seems to adore Abba songs… To “Dancing Queen” Mishka would get up and stand on its hind legs, then he spins and bounces to the melody.  A real circus dog!

Would you take him again?
Without any doubt!  Even though he ate my favourite golden shoes. Dog Mishka brings us so much joy, love and warmth that I can’t even remember how life was without him.