Katja Brinkmann

Hi everyone,

welcome Dog Lovers from all over the world.

Sidney, the family labrador, is hiding behind the bushes so I’ll quickly tell you what this new blog is about:
Close encounters between Amazing Dogs and their owners – and all the little (and big) things that make a dog lover’s heart beat faster.

Read the stories Sidney and I are being told between a pee break and a sniff stop, walking, running or driving the streets of the Italian south. Funny, quirky and exciting interviews, heartbreaking sometimes, touching always.

Follow us, either here, or every Monday, in Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno or every couple of weeks in Amazing Puglia. Send us your comments about someone you particularly like, human or animal, and/or tell us about you and your dog. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

So lean back, grab a cup of coffee and and be ready to meet amazing people and their amazing furry loves. Enjoy the show!

Let’s go, Sid!
See you around, Katja