Big Boy Barack

American Golden Retriever Barack (“little star”, “baby”, “skunk”), 3, from Fasano in Puglia is a very confident dog. Elegant, sophisticated, “strong, ironic, brilliant” (Valentina) just like the former US President. And he not only models for a famous pet brand (Joe Zampetti) but also has his own Instagram account (@barackfacose). Amazing Dogs Tales proundly presents a shining star  

How did you find each other?
He was a gift in a time of great need. When I found out he was coming I went crazy with joy. I got to know him through the videos that the breeder sent (he was born in Civitavecchia and we live in Puglia). Then in April 2021, Covid times, we crossed half of Italy to go and get him. As soon as we met I immediately picked him up and from that moment on we never left each other any more.

Why is Barack amazing?
He makes everyone smile no matter what. Because he is clumsy, funny, simply “simpatico!” –  even when he sleeps. He thinks he is a Chihuahua but has the size of an elephant! That is why, about a year and a half ago, I decided to open his own Instagram profile “barackfacose”, to be able to share our moments of lightheartedness even with people we don’t know personally.

How would you describe your relationship?
He is my shadow, he follows me wherever I go and I don’t even remember what life was like without him.

His greatest passion?
Bread. He knows where we keep it so we often find him sitting there in front of the box, contemplating. He probably expects the box to eventually open up and feed him…

How do you understand each other?
I don’t know if this works for every dog, but Barack seems to understand everything I say, not just the basic commands we taught him during training sessions.

Who would Barack be if not a dog?
He could only be the former US President Barack Obama. Strong, ironic, brilliant. The name Barack was chosen in his honor.

Why do you love him?
I love him for so many reasons! He stole my heart with his infinite sweetness and his unpretentious love. He taught me so much about the virtue of patience, about the value of time, about the ability to appreciate the simplest things like the silence of a walk, gratitude and the ability to forgive because even when I leave him alone, when I return he he is always there, with his favorite stuffed animal in his mouth, ready to welcome me joyfully. Barack was the best unexpected surprise ever.

Do you remember anything particularly funny?
I do! Barack has always loved tennis balls. When he was about 6 months old I took him with me to a padel game. He spent more than half an hour trying to retrieve a ball on the sidelines through the glass. He made everyone laugh!

Has your dog made your life with other people easier?
Barack allowed me to meet and become friends with many people. I tend to be a very shy and solitary person but he helped me with this too. Now we have friends from the park, virtual friends from Instagram, friends from the neighborhood walk etc.

Do you have someone to leave the dog with when you leave?
When I’m not there I can leave him with my family. They take care of him as lovingly as I do. If they weren’t there, I don’t know if I would be able to leave, travel or go out with the same carefreeness. 

Is there anything that bothers you about him?
His stubbornness makes me angry sometimes. An example? When we are out and about and he has to decide where to go. He sits down and doesn’t want to walk until I indulge him. 

Your favorite activities together?
I love trekking with him in nature, going to the seaside or in the mountains, which are his favorite activities, too.

Are you dreaming of something special to do with him?
I would love to take him travelling more often, on all my adventures around the world. Unfortunately, the difficulty of traveling by plane and the impossibility of letting dogs into museums, churches and various monuments currently prevent me from doing so.  

Is this a dog that is 100% part of your family?
Barack is a member of the family in every respect. He sleeps in my bed, climbs on the sofa, has access to all the rooms of the house. A seat at our dinner table is the only thing he hasn’t gotten – yet.

What would you recommend to others who would like to take a dog in but cannot decide?
Do it, if you are ready to have your life turned upside down by a wagging tail, four little legs walking around the house and two eyes that you will no longer be able to do without. They will only give you unconditional love. But if you are not willing to sacrifice part of your time (and money), to go out in the rain, in the heat and the cold because walks are your dog’s favorite time, to clean your house when he is too young to understand that the needs arise outside or too old to be able to handle them, forget it. A dog is a living being that must be cared for, assisted, loved every hour of our life and forever, because it totally depends on us.