Handbags are his Favourite Treat

Ulisse is a big name for a tiny little sausage dog. But he is a dachshund with an attitude, that’s for sure! Kika and Ludovico, sister and brother from Lecce, share daily duties as well as happy moments with their furry friend and talk about Ulisse (who turned one a couple of days ago) as if he were no less than a new baby in the family. Kikka tells about their strong, very loving bond and the one thing she finds hard to tolerate

What’s so amazing about Ulisse?
The thing I love most about him is the enormous love he gives us every day. He is an affectionate little dog and is very playful.

Who would he be if he were a person? 
He would certainly be another brother!

Do you know about his secret passions? 
Ulisse loves to spend his time playing with us and taking long walks. He loves going out with us and every time he sees us going out he places his pet carrier in front of him, thus communicating his intention to come with us.

How do you understand each other? 
Our language is based on a few simple words and gestures.

Did your dog ever bring you closer to other people?
Ulisse makes me feel part of a group. Meeting other dogs and their owners during the walk offers moments of discussion and light-heartedness… It’s wonderful to see Ulisse play with the other dogs and having fun!

Where do you leave him when you have to go away for a couple of days? 
He has never been alone so far. When we are out of town the other family members are there to look after him.

Is there anything that annoys you about him? 
Whatever he does, he always makes me laugh! A bit less when he nibbles on my designer bags, yet never enough to get angry. Or when he wakes me up at dawn – I still find him adorable.

What are your favourite things to do with him?
Playing, going for long walks and sleeping in each other’s arms.

Any dreams you’d like to come true with your dog?
I’d love to take him travelling one day!

Is your dog allowed on the bed?
He is. After carefully cleaning his paws, which we do every time we come back from a walk.

Any dog /advice you would like to share?
Well, getting a dog is a commitment, most probably you’ll be forced to let go of something else. But that’s nothing against the unconditional love they have for you, without asking for anything in return. It is a pure and disinterested love, inexplicable I would say.