Laura has a Dream

Laura, 42, has a dream that probably thousands of dog lovers all over the world empathize with: “I would like to grow old in the Caribbean and take care of less fortunate dogs.” Wonderful idea – even though a little complicated. Not only because the Caribbean is not exactly behind the corner from Treviso where she lives, but also because Laura suffers from asthma and is allergic to dog hair. The only solution to get closer to her ideal life was to find a dog that doesn’t shed: an Australian Cobberdog, similar to the Labradoodle but purebred, hyperallergenic, difficult to find but fantastic to have – if you manage to get one. Travelling with her Cobberdog Aruba is not exatly easy either, for obvious reasons. But they do travel!And they will be back in Puglia soon, so our human daughters can see each other again after a couple of years. And our furry daughters will meet eventually… Who knows if they’ll understand that they are related in some way?

How did you find your furry friend?
Unfortunately I suffer from asthma and animal hair doesn’t get along very well with my lungs. But I love them and I can’t do without them. I did some research and discovered the Australian Cobberdog, a breed not recognized in Italy. They were created specifically for people like me who have these problems. I had been looking for breeders in Europe for a long time until I finally found a place in Holland. We had to wait for years, there’s never ending waiting lists for this type of dog. Then, finally, Aruba was born in Markelo/Netherlands on January 17, 2020. We exchanged photos with the breeder and among the many puppies in the litter I immediately saw HER: the loneliest one with the lightest fur and she was the biggest of all. It was the day before the lockdown when my husband and I left for the Netherlands to pick her up. Aruba was no more than two months old then. If we hadn’t decided to go and get her spontaneously, who knows when I would have hugged her!
13 hours by car to get there and another 13 to come back. It was with it though: She sure kept us busy during Covid and made a sad and complicated phase a lot easier to deal with. Last but not least: Aruba (born as a Capricorn like my daughter and my husband) has kept the promises of her breed: She doesn’t shed and her fur doesn’t pick up as many external allergens as those of other breeds. She definitely is a hypoallergenic dog.

What is it that you love about her more than anything else?
I love Aruba’s clumsiness and her way of being present without ever being intrusive… except when eating! But the thing
I love most are her eyes: somewhat human, without malice.

Who is her point of reference in the family?
We live together 24 hours a day, I think I’m her “person”. However, she reserves her cuddles above all for my husband. She is in love with him, after all she is female.

What are her passions?
Aruba loves to run free, especially on the beach. She also loves our armchairs…

Is there a code you’re using to communicate? Something that always works no matter what?
Aruba always checks to see if I’m closeby. Even when she runs off for a couple of moments, all I need to say is “Hello Aruba!” and she instantly shows up again.

Who would she be if not a dog?
I don’t know people pure enough to be compared to my dog ​​or a dog in general. For me she is definitely a second daughter. I actually believe that I would give my life for her.

Why do you love her?
Because Battiato sang: “You are a special being and I will take care of you”. Aruba is my special being.

Is there someone to leave her with when you’re not around?
When we go on holiday I leave her in a wonderful place called “Tana Sweet Tana”. Aruba is very attached to us so we tried step by step to get her used to it. The first separation was heartbreaking for all of us, but she knows that we’ll always come back. Ok, ok, to tell you the truth: I always write a long list of recommendations for the guys who take care of her. Too anxious, can’t help it. But in my heart I believe that it is good for her to relate to other dogs every now and then. Funny enough, Aruba usually prefers humans to her own kind. In fact, she grumbles if any dog ​​invades her space, she is very selective but never aggressive, she simply ignores the others. But she has a biiig heart!

Anything that particularly bothers you?
There is nothing I can’t stand about her. But her worst flaw is that she is ravenous and you can’t leave food unattended. Like a shark she prowls around the kitchen, waiting for you to get distracted. Oh, and she has her own ideas. When she doesn’t want to walk in one direction she just stops and won’t walk any further.

What do you like to do together?
We love our walkies in the countryside: I enjoy the silence, she gets drunk on new smells.

Any dreams you would like to come true with her?
I would like to take her with me everywhere I go. Walking with her through Central Park, watching her run on a Caribbean beach… What a pity it is not to be able to share the world’s beauty with her.

Is she a 100% member of the family?
You bet! Aruba is in all respects a daughter and sister to Mia Penelope, my human daughter. She sleeps with us in our bed, even though she finds it hard to climb up. But we don’t mind helping out, picking her up and putting her back to sleep.
I have forgotten what it means to sleep seven hours straight.

Any dog advice you would like to share?
Those who don’t have a dog miss out on the opportunity to love and be loved in the purest way in the world.


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