Sweet Bites

They are living a life on the road, Sabine (“Mina”) Vatter and her little brown Poodle Bichon mix Toto, 1 ½ years. At least for now, going back and forth between Germany, where her company is based, and Puglia, where their heart belongs. “This is exactly how I want to live”, the fashion designer says, talking about the Salento as her second home and her plan to eventually spend more time down south, and work from here: Opening her own “Mina Vatter” shop, one day, or, or, or … Puglia has always been inspiring for her. When Sabine came down in January, driving more than 1500 km in her Mini Cooper as usual, she did a photoshoot of some of her latest collection pieces. All by herself – but not alone: Little Toto is always by her side    

Ciao Mina, may I ask how you and Toto met?
It was love at the first sight. I followed my heart and chose him from a photo, I had no doubt he would be the right one. And he actually became the dog for my heart and soul.

In a few words only: What’s so amazing about him?
His love is unconditional without any demands or claims. He is just there, but he would never overdo:  He’s clever enough to leave me enough space.

So your relationship is kind of like…?
Toto is my little cutie pie and partner in crime. He is always with me, knows all my secrets and understands me.

May I ask his favourite treat?
Cheese! He’d do anything for a piece of yummy cheese.

Who would Toto be if not a dog?
My boyfriend.

And where does he sleep?
In my bed. Where else would he sleep?

Anything exciting to tell about his character?
Well, Toto is very passionate about everything he does. While we were playing by the sea last time we were in Puglia, he got so excited that he accidentally bit me in my hand. Just a little bit, nothing too serious, those things happen I guess. We went to the hospital and after medication everything was fine. Just to make you understand his unlimited passion.

Anything about him that really stresses you out sometimes?
He is so happy, all the time, that it can actually be annoying.

Any plans for the future – together?
Toto and I are working on making our biggest dream come true: moving to Puglia and living/working from there most of the time. 

A piece of dog advice you’d like to share?
Taking in a dog is a decision that comes from the heart. If you have to think about it, it’s not the right thing to do.

PS: Sabine Vatter is the head behind the slow fashion brand Mina Vatter. She designs and produces unique fashion pieces using vintage cotton, linen or vintage silk.