Wise Dog’s Tale

Meeting Kabù in a kennel just out of Lecce, Italy, was love at first sight. Yet no one expected that the cute little mixed breed would grow into his family in a way that life without him would become unconceivable one day. Kabù is now 17 (!!!) years old and no less loved: His human Mom Elena calls him the Dalai Lama of dogs

Elena, do you remember the day you met the ‘dog that would change your life’?
Sure I do! We saw an article in the Lecce newspaper, in a column of news, both good and sad, about animals. An article referred to a litter of six puppies that had been abandoned near the dumpster and someone had taken them to a kennel closeby. For me it was out of the question to take one of them, too much responsability, little experience with dogs etc. , still I wanted to take a look. So we went to see the little ones at the kennel where all sort of dogs, puppies and adults, were running, barking, playing all together. When we got closer they all ran away – apart from Kabù, who remained seated alone in the courtyard, with that irresistible look of someone who does not understand what is happening. He was just under three months old, shaking like a leaf in the wind. Instant crush!

What is so special about him?
I have always called him the Dalai Lama of dogs. He has incredible patience, wisdom and composure. He stayed by my side, especially in some rather difficult years, always in silence but with a strong presence. I am certain of having a karmic bond with him, which goes beyond time and space and which always makes us find one another.

Why do you love him?
For so many reasons! Because he’s a wonderful life partner, because he had the patience to support me and adapt to my hectic life. Because 17 years together are an incredibly long and intense timespan. Growing up he has kept up his puppy spirit, as if he were always in awe of something he sees for the first time. Even now that he’s an “old gentleman” he has that sparkle in his eyes that hasn’t faded with time. Kabù is part of every important memory of mine. Also because he is my daughter Eva’s older brother. They have an incredibly close relationship and he has always watched over her. And about me.

Is there anything you learned from him?
I’d say he teaches me a form of pure and essential love, perseverance. And to be more patient – which not not always works…

Anything annoying that he does?
Well, not really… He seems to love the smell and taste of paper, so every piece he’d find around the house is his to nibble on, including books. But to tell you the truth it makes me laugh rather than angry. And I put my favourite books in a safe place.

Your favourite moments with him – what are they?
At night, before I go to sleep, I put my head next to his and talk to him in a low voice, saying Hi, cuddling him, telling him about my day. He responds making sounds that seem to imitate mine. I adore these moments.