How a “piglet with fur” became the Winspeares’ greatest love

Lazy, smelly and definitely not the most elegant. Yet “the best dog in the world”, says film director Edoardo Winspeare (“In grazia di Dio”) about his seven year old pug Pedro. Whereas his wife Celeste had always wanted a pug he was reluctant at first. He changed his mind, not only because the rest of the family had already decided, but also because “…of the many dogs I had in my life none of them ever looked at me like Pedro does. He suggests happiness.”

Your little pug Pedro is a celebrity in Corsano where your live, is that right?
He sure is! Everyone knows Pedro: where he goes when it’s hot in the summer – to the supermarket, where there’s air conditioning – or what he does when he disappears from home for hours. He is the neighbourhood dog par excellence! They actually wrote an article about him and his life in “Voce di Corsano” which sure isn’t the Corriere della Sera but quite a “spot on” for a smelly little pug like ours.

Speaking of smelly… anything you want to share?
Well, we got used to it. Pedro is a dog that gives off bad smells. Actually it stinks! It stinks from the mouth, from the skin, from the butt. Pedro is a shameless fart! He makes tremendous shots without any embarrassment. Imagine what it’s like when we have guests, excusing ourselves continuously: No, no, no, it’s the dog!

What’s Pedro’s role in the Winspeare home?
He is the glue in the family, no doubt about it. My wife Celeste happens to loose her patience, with both Andrea, the second son, and Arcangela, our 12-year-old, both lazybones. Pedro holds us all together. Sooner or later we all turn to Pedro to seek calm because he seems to be the only one who understands everyone! He is awesome, that’s what he is.

What are you most attached to?
I actually never thought of getting a pug. To me, they’re too much of an Austrian auntie’s dog! I definitely wanted a dog with a muzzle. But my wife convinced me: Look at those crazy eyes…! Pedro actually spends hours looking at you with his eyes of a little gorilla, watery, gentle, dog eyes – but then again no: Pugs have these dark, deep, pleading eyes. Of the many dogs I’ve had in my life there was never one that looked at me the way Pedro does. It suggests happiness! And now that I’m telling you about it he looks at me, yawning, thinking “…and what is he saying about me..?” He spends hours looking at you in contemplation. Above all Celeste, but also me, when I feed him. He’s always around, as close as can be. Falls asleep on our feet when we sit and have coffee. He can’t stand being far away from us.

Any advice for people who would like to get a dog but cannot make up their minds?
A dog like any animal can be challenging. You have to go to the vet, you have to feed him, you have to go for walks, you have to educate him. But a dog gives you a hundred times more than it requires! Meanwhile it is a great lesson in generosity because a dog never expects anything in return. He gives all his love for free. You can not feed him much, treat him badly, the dog will always remain by your side.


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