Marianna’s Full House

What happens when a professional dog trainer with seven dogs gets pregnant?
A big, happy family, when her son arrives… Read Marianna’s story of an unusual family that has only just started. Otis, the Corgy, is her testimonial 

Sounds quite busy at your place at the moment…
“It is! But we’re getting used to it. When my son Federico arrived I had to make a decision: Who can remain in our private space, close to the crib? My husband and I decided it would be Otis, the Corgy. He’s a bit older than Federico, so they can grow up together. 

When we go out we usually make a distinction. We definitely can’t always take them all. But Otis comes along each and every time. Otis recognizes him now, he’s 4 ½ months old. He starts to cuddle him, pull his little ears, play. And Otis is mad about him! Licks his tiny little hands and feet and would kiss him all over if we only let him. 

Initially we were a bit worried about how the dogs would take a human newby in the house. They might have started fighting  for our attention etc. Nothing of the kind happened.  Of course they were super excited when I brought him home from the hospital. They hadn’t seen me for a couple of days… To our little son they have been super gentle from the beginning. One thing that keeps disturbing them is when we start singing little songs for Federico. They’re used to the house as a quiet space. But in general they’re calm and kind which is important for the peace in our home.  

This is just the beginning, I guess I’ll be able to tell you more in a couple of months… Life remains interesting, that’s for sure!”


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