“Just don’t leave the window open…”

James Brown, the “Great British Hairdresser” (UK TV show) is a celebrity in Ireland (where he lives) and all over the fashion world. Jobs as art director, fashion editor or hair stylist used to make him travel a lot. But lately, “maybe because of Covid?” (JB), he just wants to pack his dogs in the car and drive to Italy. To live rather than just work. To spend time with his childhood friend Deborah N. (“Tulsishop”) in Salento, and, most of all, to be with his two big loves 24/7: his Whiplingtons Jackie and Peggy

Apart from being one of the most famous hairdressers in the world – you created the “Kate Moss look”, you’re a dogs’ dad. Who are your furry kids?
They are two Whiplingtons, 6 and 14 years old, and their names are Jackie and Peggy. I can’t live without them.

What is so amazing about them and what kind of relationship do you have?
They are super loyal and quiet. They don’t bark, I can take them everywhere. They fit into every situation. And they are super kind and calm. Our relationship is pure, pure love. They need me and I need them equally as much.

Do you know about their secret passions?
Their secret passions are: Food! That’s it. They’d do everything for food. They’re called scavengers for a reason…

How do you understand each other?
They seem to understand from my body language how I’m feeling. And they’d come up to me and cuddle me if I’m feeling down. Peggy, especially, if I’m feeling sort of “lively” in my head, she can read that. They’re incredibly easy to train because they’re so loyal and so enger to please. So they’re just super well behaved. If I tell them to wait – wherever it may be – they’ll wait until I come back. And as I live on a farm they have to be really well trained, especially if I’m around the horses. They have to be careful to not get kicked. So they understand boundaries. They are the main focus of my life, my whole life evolves around them and even if it took me a couple of years to find a similar one to Jackie (they’re both rescued), we are all very attached to one another now.

Who would they be if they were humans?
Peggy would be Nancy Spungen (the girlfriend of Punk Musician Sid Vicious) and Jackie would be Mother Teresa.

The funniest thing they’ve ever done?
Well, Peggy has a penchant for jumping out of second floor windows. If you leave a window open and she sees something exciting she’ll just jump out. She has done it lots of times! So she’s the funniest dog in the world – but she’s a bit crazy. Let’s say that sometimes it’s funny but sometimes it gets incredibly scary.

Did Peggy and Jackie ever bring you closer to other people?
Well both my dogs bring people close. I have taken them to people in hospices many times, to people who were dying, basically, because they’re both so gentle. And they’d just sit on the bed, very mellow. That brings me a lot of joy and and to the people they’re helping, too, hopefully.

Where do you leave them when you have to go away for some time?
I leave them with friends who own a beautiful old church in Gallway in Ireland. They have a similar dog and they’re really loved and cared for as much as they are when they’re at home.

Your favourite thing to do together?
Riding across the fields on my horse, with the two of them chasing me. That is definitely my favourite thing to do.

Are they part of your life 100 %?
Yes they are. They sleep in my bed, they go everywhere I go, every restaurant, every cafè, every bar. If it’s “no dogs” it’s no me. They go absoloutely everywhere I go.

Any advice you‘d like to share?
Well having a dog is like having a toddler, a two year old, for 17 years maybe! You have to remember that they kind of never grow up. They never get slightly more independent. They’re always dependent on you. That CAN be the most incredbile thing in the world. For me it is, it’s the best thing in the world.