Little Rascal

Ever experienced an office dog? I’ve got the fondest memories of the ones who’d keep me and my fellow coworkers company throughout my editorial years. There was an English Bulldog who’d destroy all the rubbish bins – but was untouchable (my bosses apple of the eye…). There were a couple of mixed breeds, always quiet under their master’s desk unless lunchtime was coming up! Then a super sweet but very naughty Jack Russel, a totally calm Bernese shepherd and many more who I loved as if they were mine.
Biagio from Milan is one of them. The 2 1/2 year old Italian Greyhound never leaves the side of his master Annalaura Giachetta, 42. That means 8 to 10 office hours every working day – for both of them. And while the marketing manager appreciates the opportunity her company offers her, little Biagio just can’t wait to finally leave into the weekend on a Friday afternoon. Fair enough, don’t you think?

Tell us about yourself, Annalaura. You just came back from an early Summer holiday in Puglia, right?
That’s true. Of course my trusted travel companion Biagio was with me. Time to go wild, after many winter months inside, week after week in the office. Finally time to to wander and travel, being in nature! We’re both very active, love the outdoors. I never sit still, I play tennis and work out with a personal trainer, I do yoga to dedicate time to myself.

Where did you meet? How did you connect? 
I had my last dog about 20 years ago, an Irish Setter, Jack. Work and various commitments made it impossible to have another one for a long time, let alone a puppy. During Covid, smart-working in my home office, I started to get used to the idea again, also thanks to a company that has a pet policy and allows you to bring your dog to the office as long as you have a conduct license. So I actually started to look for a suitable one, doing some research about breeds, availability etc. Then, surprisingly, a breeder I had contacted some time ago had a tiny newborn available. All he did was send me a picture of Biagio as a baby, asking nothing but: “Are you ready?” So to me it seemed as if Biagio had chosen me instead of the other way round. It seemed a perfect gift to myself for my 40iest birthday.

What’s so amazing about Biagio?
He is absolutely unique and irreplaceable, the best choice I’ve made in years! Biagio has a great personality and a face with a thousand expressions. He is extremely affectionate and as sharp as a razor.

How would you describe your relationship? 
We are there for one another, in all sort of ways. I try to give him the best dog life possible. Of course he likes cuddles and kisses a lot, but I’m not the “dog in the purse” kind of person. What I do instead is make his personality shine, indulge him in his passions and attitudes and help him overcome his insecurities and fears.
We trust each other, we go for walks in the meadows every day and Biagio is free to run – which is a show for itself! But he’d always check on me after a bit.
I take him out soft hunting: single sessions in which he can run after the lure, having fun like crazy. Running to catch a frisbee is another great passion of his. Then in the evening, after playing a bit with his stuffed animals and bones (he’s tireless) he asks my permission to get on the sofa and falls asleep on my lap. That’s one of my favorite moments. Not to mention his guilty pleasure, a spoonful of coconut oil for “dessert” in the evening. As soon as I say “Cocco” he licks his mustache. Makes me smile every time!

How does Biagio cope with Milan city life?
Perfectly. I take Biagio wherever I go because I can. He’d get into the car without any fuss, sits down in his car seat like a human being. In the office he would say Hi to everyone, being a real gentleman.

How do you “understand” each other? Do you have a secret code? 
We talk to each other a lot in verses, but even more with our eyes.

What makes him listen no matter what? 
No need. Biagio is very obedient. He’s not very confident so he’s the one who follows me.

Why do you love him?
There is no reason, he simply stole my heart!

Is there anything that annoys you about him? 
Only when he barks every now and then while he’s alone. They say “crisis of abandonment”. Abandonment of what? Little rascal!

What are your favourite things to do with him?
Being outdoors and running during the day, and on the sofa under the covers at night.


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