Meet Lord and Lady Wilson

Giulia Parisi, 33, from Milan, also known as The Dogfashionblogger (20 thousand followers), loves Puglia: This summer she rented a trullo just out of the little town of Speziale and enjoyed a couple of weeks of pure country life. Getting up late, having a dip in her own pool, first cappuccino at Tony’s Bar and then grocery shopping at Crovace, not to forget the dinners under the stars at Il Cortiletto. Her dogs Wilson and Lady always by her side. We met for an aperitivo at Le Palme Beach Club where her two furry kids stretched out on a beach towel while we chatted about this and that, Giulia’s book (“Dog Fashion Blogger”) in particular, and she showed me her pijama capsule collection in dog prints (by Bau Baby). But let’s tell her story one fact at a time 

Giulia, you have a degree in economics. How did you become a “dog fashion blogger”? 
Let’s say I like to keep myself busy. My head has always been a blender of ideas! is a blog that talks about how to live your life with your dog. Initially it was a fashion blog for dogs, then I decided to expand the topics, added beauty, food, dog friendly travel, interviews, lifestyle. It started as a hobby and became a fulltime job, step by step. My book, published in January, is the summary of a couple of years of experience as a dog blogger. You’ll find places, styles and trends for you and your dog. 

So who are the real, furry “heads” behind the blog?
Lord Wilson and Lady are the inspiration for dogfashionblogger. Wilson was born in Milan, he is a mix between a miniature Schnauzer and a Bichon Frize. My boyfriend Gianmarco and I couldn’t wait to have him! Now he is 12 years old but he is still as playful as a puppy! Lady is a foundling, she was born in Sicily and brought to Bergamo by volunteers. I saw her on Facebook on some adoption group. It was love at first sight! She has very few teeth (actually there are only three left) and we never found out how old she really is, but I’m pretty sure she is seven or eight. So Wilson was “planned”, Lady is a beautiful add-on who was meant to keep Lord Wilson company. She actually became my shadow, follows me in every corner of the house. We got very close. And I’ll never forget when we picked her up to sign the adoption papers and got in the car to drive home, I noticed she had tears in her eyes, as if she was happy to be with us.

In what way are they different from each other? 
Wilson is an extremely intelligent dog, he even distinguishes one game from another. When we talk to him he seems to understand every single question. There is no other dog as sensitive, understanding and faithful. Just one thing that drives me crazy about him: When he sees another male dog he turns into Satan…
Lady is not as intelligent. She does as she pleases and listens very little. But she is very sweet, affectionate, always seeking our attention. It’s like having a baby that never grows up. When I look into her eyes I understand she is deeply in love.
Both of them are like children to me. I’m not saying that the dog can replace a child, but they need our attention, responsibility and love just the same. I’m actually looking after them all day long:  food, medicine, walks, leisure time, nap, more food…

How do you understand each other?
The language I use with them is very simple. I educated them in my own way. They know that when the tone gets harsher it means they have done something wrong. But that happens very rarely, we usually exchange affection.

Who would they be if they were humans?
I imagine Lord Wilson as a real distinguished Lord from a Northern country. Lady, despite her name, turned out to be more of a  gypsy,  you can tell she was born in the streets, didn’t belong to anyone. She somehow always remained a free spirit. So before my inner eyes I’ve got the image of a gypsy, travelling the world in a caravan.

Ever asked yourself why you love them? 
Never. They are everything to me, they are happiness.

Your dogs a blogger dogs in a way. Anything in particular that shows it? 
Indeed. Wilson stares at the camera in the room because he knows that’s where the cookies come out. So he would just stand there and wait, hoping I’ll throw something eventually.

Any adventure you’d like to try with your dogs?
I once met a girl who did the Camino de Santiago with her little dog. It actually appeals to me, too, but I think it might be too tiring for all of us. We’re now planning to go to Normandy and will take the dogs with us. That will be adventurous for sure!