Meet the Zampettis

Dogs, much like their human companions, come in all shapes and sizes. In Savelletri/Fasano, we had the pleasure of crossing paths with Francesca Pianigiani Di Bella, 69, and her husband Stefano Di Bella, who were enjoying a peaceful lunch in each other’s company alongside their well behaved Chihuahuas Mario and Claretta. Stefano introduced us to their furry cupids, while Francesca, a sports medicine professional with a clinic in Rome, shared about their family dynamics. Amidst their two human children and five grandchildren, it’s the duo of Mario and Claretta that steal the spotlight as their cherished companions.By the way: For those seeking all kinds of accessories for their furry friends, Stefano, asa Mr. Joe Zampetti, is the ultimate resource for all things pet-related, from gourmet treats to trendy toys. On this particular day, Stefano even wore his JZ hoodie against the lingering spring chill

What makes Your dogs so amazing?  
They are incredibly affectionate and simply the best companions.

How would You describe your relationship? 
Our relationship is profound. We live in perfect symbiosis.

Do you know about Your dog’s secret passions?  
Absolutely. Patanegra and walks in the countryside are their secret passions.

How do you communicate and understand each other? 
We share an unspoken understanding; no secret code is needed.

Do you have a “trick” that always works?  
Simply calling their names is all it takes.

If your dog was a person, who would they be? 
Mario would be like Rocco Siffredi; Claretta, a Grace Kelly.

Why do you love them?  
I can’t explain it. I just love them wholeheartedly.

Has your dog ever brought you closer to other people?
Frequently, people are drawn to us to pet the dogs.

Where do you leave your dogs when you have to be away for a couple of days?  
We never leave them; they are always with us.

Is there anything about your dog that annoys you a lot?  
No, nothing at all. They are perfect to me.

Are your dogs an integral part of the family and household? Do they sleep in your bed?  
Absolutely, they are cherished members of our family who even share our bed.

Any advice for someone contemplating getting a dog but struggling to decide?  
Having a dog is an incredibly special experience; I can’t imagine life without one.


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