Together we are One

Fifteen years ago, Ines from Germany would never have thought her life would be like it is today. Walking around Ostuni’s vintage market on a Sunday morning, saying hi to new friends here and there. Lying in a stroller right in front of her is Paula, a 14-year-old mix of Hungarian Viszla. Her ex-partner had brought her home one day when she was just 8 weeks old. Even though her boyfriend became her ex, Paula stayed right by her side. Years have gone by since they first met, but their love for each other has only grown stronger every day

What’s so amazing about Paula? What do you like BEST about her?
She has a very calm and loveable aura and mesmerizes every person she runs into. She is very friendly, interested and open, but has her own personality and way to live her life. She’s a true velcro and I can always rely on her. She is very sincere, grown up and responsible, but she also loves to be goofy.

How would you describe your relationship? 
We are deeply in LOVE with each other.

Do you know about her secret passions? 
Swimming and diving for stones. Hunting mice and squirrels. Walking in the woods and sniffing everywhere. Eating fish. The color pink. Persuading restaurant staff and bar tenders to bring her food.

Do you have a secret code? 
Our secret code is TRUST.

What makes her listen no matter what? 
All I need to do is tell her “Schau mal!” which means “Hey, look!” and she’ll immediately turn towards me. Food goodies do the trick as well.

If your dog were a person – who would she be? 
A real lady.

Why do you love her?
Because together we are ONE.

What was the funniest thing your dog has ever done?
From one day to the other she started to carry my towel from the beach, all the way up to the car. She was 10 when she decided to do so, no one has ever showed her how to has she ever seen any other dog do it.

Did your dog ever bring you closer to other people?
She’s contacting people all the time and connecting whenever she’s outside.

Where do you leave her when you have to go away for a couple of days? 
Since she is 14 now, I try to avoid leaving her alone or with someone else. She used to stay at her “grandparents”, who are the aunt and the uncle of my ex partner.

Is there anything that annoys you about Paulina? 

What are your favourite things to do with her?
Swimming in the sea, walks in nature.

Any dreams you’d like to come true with Paula?
We now have spent 14 years together full of many memorable events, adventures and journeys. My wish is to offer her the best life so she can enjoy her retirement to the fullest as long as she wants.

Is Paula part of the family and part of the household? 
She is my daughter, sister, and best friend, sure she sleeps with me too.

Any advice you would like to share?
Think deeply about the breed, size and especially character/personality your dog should have and what YOU can offer to the dog. Talk with several dog owners about their daily life experiences.
Make sure you fully understand that any animal is a being with a soul, heart and personal needs and desires. It has a fully working brain, senses when things go well or wrong. It needs your time and attention like a kid or any close family member, and shows an individual understanding/perception of things/life one should respect and support.
You will be responsible for a being for a minimum of 8-14 years – is this a life concept you have really bought into it with all consequences (work & life situation now and later, vacations, meeting new people/having a (new) partner, medical treatment, etc.)?
Be honest to yourself about the reason you want to have a dog. Don’t make yourself and, even worse, the dog unhappy. They trust us 200% and need to rely on us. Don’t break their heart!