Puny the Healer

When Italian boat designer Federico Fiorentino got separated, all that was left from his former relationship was toy poodle Puny. Who not only shares his master’s taste in hairstyle but became his Alter Ego in many ways, staying by his side and cheering him up when needed. Here’s the story of the furry ‘healer’ that cured Federico from love sickness

Why do you love Puny?
It’s something you don’t really ask yourself: just the purest form of love! There is no trade between you and your dog, just mutual care and understanding. I used to think dogs are too demanding but I didn’t know how wonderful it can be to take care of them. We’re always together, share everything. Puny is my family, the one I’m closest to. I work from home, in Otranto, where I design boats. A perfect situation for the dog! Poodles easily suffer from separation anxiety. Imagine, we’re in a bar and I have to go to the restroom: If I won’t take him along he’ll start crying desperately! But, to be honest, I even learned to like his being possessive with me…

How did you know Puny was yours?
I saw something in his eyes. Puny can be very social with other dogs but he is usually very shy with humans. He doesn’t let anybody touch him except me and my ex girlfriend Maurizia. Even my parents don’t take part in his circle of trust. However, when I went to get him, he came straight onto my shoe and never left my side ever since. They say dogs become very much like their owners when they grow up. Puny was very similar to me from the beginning.

You and Puny became a ‘two men only’ household in the end?
That’s true. We sleep together, we eat and we play together. When I travel, Puny stays with Maurizia, my ex girlfriend. She is the only one he is attached to beside me and I’m very happy they get to spend time together every once in a while. There’s also Rupert, Maurizia’s 8 months old poodle. The two of them are like brothers, can play all day long, it’s amazing to see them together, how Puny teaches Rupert and how Rupert learns from Puny.

Have you always been a ‘dog person’?
Well, I don’t know really. It’s one of those things you feel from inside. I cant’ really remember the moment I decided that I wanted a dog, because I didn’t’ want a dog until I started to notice how much I was attracted to poodles, because of their playful and funny attitude. What I suggest is not to underestimate the commitment. You have to be sure to dedicate them a lot of time, you have to consider your lifestyle and your plans for the future.
Because you become their entire world and you cannot just leave them one day. When they’re with you, you have to take them around, they can’t just stay in the house all day. They need to go out and discover the world, meet people, see different places, do physical activity – and they need mental stimulation, too. Dogs are just like humans.


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