The Story of Stormy and Stone

There once were two beautiful dogs in Puglia, in the Itria Valley to be more precise, who belonged to some Martina and Nicola. These dogs, Croodz and Khaleesi, weren’t supposed to, but still madly fell in love with each other. So they had a… let’s call it an affair and a couple of months later eleven beautiful puppies were born. One more beautiful than the other! Giada, neighbor and friend of the family, lost her heart for two of the siblings and adopted them. Stormy and Stone, as different as they are, became her favourite beings on earth

Would you like to present yourself briefly? 
Sure, I’m Giada Carraro, originally from Milan but living in Puglia most of the time. I used to import furniture from Indonesia and India, then I dedicated myself to both professional and amateur videos. And I love the sea!

Who are your dogs?
My dogs are called Stormy (her) and Stone (him). She’s the wild tramp, he’s the distinguished gentleman. They are both four, brother and sister, mixed breeds from Puglia, puppies of my neighbor’s dogs Croodz and Khaleesi (cover pic). Why I took them in? Well, Stormy actually reminded me a lot of my labrador Kumba. When I had to let her go after a long and fulfilling life, I swore I’d never take another dog (and actually switched to cats for a couple of years). Then destiny decided for me: There were 11 puppies looking for a home so I changed my mind and got not only one but two of them. The best decision in my life, they are my furry children! 

What is so special about your dogs?
I think that every dog ​​is extraordinary in its own way. Mine are very sweet, even if their size sometimes scares people off.  They are also quite wild, especially the female, but they’re always gentle and kind with everyone. The male (who is ectually extra large!) funnily thinks of himself being a Jack Russel or similar, he’d try to sit in my arms, jump on my legs etc.

You travel a lot between Milan and Puglia. How does that affect your daily routine with the dogs?
Well, we’re always together! During the winter they come to Milan with me, and for the  summer we drive down to Puglia, always full of joy all three of us. Because other than a big city in Puglia they can finally be free and I myself find my peace of the heart.

Who would they be if not dogs?
Stormy would definitely be a fancy sports car and Stone? He would be a model, no doubt. He’s a bit of a poser.

How do you communicate?
With all the senses! They read my mood from how I enter the house. When Stormy sees me crying, she jumps on me to cheer me up, or gives me her paw and barks at me as if to tell me, don’t worry you’ll be fine. And she always sleeps with at least one of her feet attached to me. Stone is the gentleman in the family. He’d look at me so understanding and wise and full of love that I melt away whatever happens. What also amazes me is his endless patience with the wilder sister.

Do they sleep in your bed?
Certainly. It is a bit of a struggle I have to admit, with the two of them being quite big.  But it is also pure joy for all of us! I’d never want to change anything about it.

Any dog advice you’d like to share?
Take a dog out of love, follow your instincts. If you can’t quite decide, let it go, it may not be the right moment.


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  1. Sandra Hiziak says:

    I feel honored to have been called to baby sit them on several occasions. I first meet them when they were young ( note that I did not write small) . They’re hilarious when they talk amongst themselves and a beauty to see them galloping in my yard ( yes my yard is quite big) will never forget when they saw snow for the first time . Dogs should be salvaged and not bought. So many beautiful souls to be saved from the cruelty of mankind. Giada has been an example to have opened her home and heart to these beautiful giants

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